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Smooth peanut butter stirred into vanilla ice cream, sandwiched by bananas

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

This is another interesting and smooth flavor that is a fun dessert flavor for those who like them. This is especially a great flavor for those who like bananas, since it is probably the dominant flavor in this.

With this, the bananas taste just like the real thing, so you’ll have this mouth-watering fruit right here at your disposal. But it’s not just that, in between the bananas, which make a sandwich in a sense, is smooth peanut butter that’s both creamy and succulent, and a sweet vanilla ice cream that you’ll definitely get to enjoy.

It’s a sweet, fruity flavor that will definitely interest you and stimulate your senses in different ways, and it’s the perfect addition for those who like bananas, and who also want to have a sweet treat on the go with them in their vape, and something that you’ll surely get to enjoy again and again.   

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