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Vapers in Multan can get Vape juice and hardware like Vape Kits , Box mods, Pod Devices and other vaping accessories delivered in Multan in just 2 days through  our website online. Visit our Vape Shop.

Some of the know brands in Pakistan like Bazooka Sour Straws Ice, Naked100 or Malaysian brands like Nasty Juice were more popular in Pakistan. But now you have a choice to vape a multi award winner brand like Premium Labs. is the only shop in Pakistan that has the sole distribution rights for Premium Labs.

Premium Labs manufactures its own line of ejuices some of the very famous around the world are their Dr. FOG range of lines. offers the complete range from premium labs.

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Premium Labs follows some extreme quality standards that not every band follows. Most of the brands are just labels they get the manufacturing done from some unknown labs and do not even own the labs themselves and it is difficult to maintain the same standard of quality.

PremiumLabs manufacturing is based in Canada and all e-liquids are produced in their state of the art lab (clean room) in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) applicable to pharmaceutical and food industries. their Canadian bottling lab is certified by, Canada’s largest lab certification professional H.E.P.A for IS07, Class 10,000 and GMP.

All Premium Labs ejuices are produced with the highest quality standards and are free of chemicals such as diacetyl.

So Multan..Lets Vape a better alternative.


Vape Shop in Multan

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Free Shipping to Multan Pakistan. (for Orders above 5000/-)

All orders for Multan are shipped the next day if not the same day. Please go ahead and use the website to place any order. No credit card is required. Pay cash when the order is delivered at your door.


If you are not living in Multan then just order at our website and it will be delivered in 2 days across any city in Pakistan. All orders above 5000 rupees come with Free Shipping and anything under that has a flat charge of Rupees 250 only.
So go ahead and try out the difference in Ejuice Flavors and quality.

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