Alpha Mix Nix

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Refreshing blast of watermelon in a tropical sherbet, winner of Best Fruit at Vapouround Awards

Mix Nix has a unique blend of Nicotine Select (R) and Nicotine Salts (NS).  

This product has a 70% VG and 30% PG ratio.


This is a great vape juice if you’re looking to have both a combination of Nicotine Select, and Nicotine Salts.  Both of these are stronger than the average juice in your vape, but it’s not as strong as a vape juice with just nicotine salts in it.

But, this premium juice is perfect if you want something sweet and tangy, but also something that is soothing to the throat, easy to intake, and works well with any vape hardware that you have.

Dr. Fog’s vape juices are known for being the best in many cases, and this one in particular won Best Fruit at Vapouround Awards, meaning that you’ll be getting a vape juice that feels good, tastes good, and is the perfect addition.

If you’re sick of the same old vape juice, and want a premium flavor that tastes amazing, then look no further.  This one is great if you want something a bit stronger than your average vape juice, but you also don’t want something that contains too much nicotine salt in it. it’s the perfect combination, and with this, you’ll be getting about 70/30 in terms of VG to PG ratio.  This is definitely one to look into as well if you’re a big fan of tropical flavors and flavorings.