Apple Sour

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A special blend of sour green apple infused into an all day vape

For those that love sour apples, and who love sour apples, this is definitely a fun and refreshing flavor for you to try. The flavor includes a green apple flavor, which is often a favorited flavor amongst people who like apples. But, you also can actually get the rush of sour from this as well, and it creates a sour blend that you will enjoy.

This flavor is a bit pungent to some, so if you’re not used to vape flavors such as this, definitely watch out, but if you like sour, and want something that’s a fun all day vape, it’s quite nice, and a perfect addition to this if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s a fun, perfect infusion that’s definitely quite nice, and something that works perfect for a vape flavor, and if you want a sour, sweet flavor, it definitely can give you that and so much more.