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Chewy oatmeal bar with the perfect note of fresh raspberries

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.


Do you like to have a more savory flavor in your vape juices? Well, look no further. Beat is a great vape juice that actually provides an interesting flavor that’s both delectable, and sweet.

If you’re a fan of those chewy oatmeal breakfast bars, then this exactly what it tastes like.  It has the perfect flavoring additions as well, giving you a whole variety of different flavors that you will enjoy.

If you’re someone that doesn’t like to have breakfast, but wouldn’t mind the taste of breakfast, then look no further. It’s quite a charming and lovely flavor, and it’s one that will allow you to have a great and amazing vape juice that works for you.

Plus, it also has the perfect blend and addition of fresh raspberries as well, so not only are you getting the savory taste of an oatmeal bar, but you’re also getting the chance to taste some delectable raspberries too.

This is a vape juice that’s a great one if you want something that isn’t super sweet, but still has that hint of sweetness to it. It’s a great juice if you’re someone who uses your vape more in the morning, or if you use it as a form of a means to get that little extra zing of energy during the afternoon when it begins to feel dragging, and you’ll surely feel energized.