Bermuda Triangle

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Lose yourself in the flavour of Honeydew Apricot Cream, a treasure for your senses

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.


Do you want a vape juice that feels like you’re about to be spirited away to the Bermuda triangle, or even just to the beach? If tropical flavors are what you enjoy, then this is the perfect vape juice for you to get lost in.

It’s got a great series of berry flavors, and it also has a honeydew apricot cream texture to it as well, which means that you’re getting the tangy taste, and you’ll also get the sweetness of this as well.

These flavors are a treasure for your taste buds, and as soon as you use it, you’ll be amazed at the sudden intense flavors, and you’ll want to try more of this.

It’s a great way to get the nicotine that you want to have, and you can use this as well to also give your vape juice a nice flavoring. 

It’s made with some sweet wild berries flavor in the tropical fruit, and it’s almost like a candy vape, so it is like an extra little sweet treat for your mouth that you will get to indulge in.

Try this amazing vape juice flavor, and once the taste hits your mouth, you’ll immediately realize just how sweet this is, and how nice the juice is. it’s one that definitely is a great addition to your vape juices if you’re someone that likes something sweet.