Black Cigar

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Do you like the thick, bitter taste of a black cigar? If you’re a fan of cigars and smoking them, then this is for you.

This premium vape juice includes the taste of a fine cigar, which will make you feel like a very fancy person when you put it in your vape. It’s a premium liquid, so in essence it tastes just like the real thing. If you like to have a cigar once in a while, this is a great vape for you to have.

It’s also a great vape if you’re moving towards vape smoking instead of cigar or cigarette smoking. It can give you that familiar taste that you know and love, but without the extra problems that cigar smoke can cause. Cigar smoke tends to be very thick and big, which can be a bit suffocating for some, but if you love the taste, but don’t want to deal with the pungent smoke, this is a perfect alternative for that. 

Cigars are a great thing for many, and they’re a luxury many people can enjoy. Well, with this premium juice, you’ll be able to take that taste that you know and love, and have that luxury with you right in your vape. With each inhalation of the smoke, you’ll be able to truly nab the great taste that you will enjoy, and you’ll be able to thoroughly enjoy it.

If you can’t have a cigar right now, this juice is the next best thing and tastes like the real thing.