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A Kiwi Watermelon Candy taste so sweet, even your taste buds might not believe it

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.


Are you looking for a candy vape that goes perfectly with your vape? Well, Bloop is the one for you!

This is a juice that lots of people enjoy, even those who aren’t into sweet vape juices. The best way to have this juice is to put it in and let it soak in your vape for about a day for best results. But, once you finally get a taste of it, you’ll want more.

It’s a wonderful blend of some of the best flavors out there, from the savory watermelon taste, to even the scrumptious kiwi flavor. Simply put, this is a flavor that will hit you with a bloop, but it will also taste quite amazing.

Even your taste buds won’t believe this when it tastes this candy vape. It’s the perfect level of sweetness, and if you’re looking for something that’s a bit on the sweeter end, not just a savory sort of taste, this is the perfect one for you. 

It’s got that sweet taste that many are looking for, and once you get a small taste of it, and get to enjoy the benefits of this sweet vape, you won’t want to miss out on them, and it creates a juice that you will love, with a flavor that you won’t forget.  Fall for this  flavor, and while it’s got a weird name, it has a delectable taste.