Blue Banana Haze

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Blueberry banana pancakes topped with whipped cream and drizzled with syrup

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.


Blueberry pancakes taste great, and when they’re topped with whipped cream, syrup, and also have a hint of a nutty flavor to them, they’re completely mind-blowing. Did you know though that you could get that same taste in the form of a premium liquid vape juice?

That’s right, with this juice, you’ll feel like you’re having a blueberry banana pancake each time that you use it, but it’s not so overwhelming that you’ll get tired of it. With this juice, you’ll love the taste, and it’ll get you not only using your vape, but also make you hungry for pancakes.

The big flavor here is the blueberry and banana, both of which are mixed together to create a great, berry taste.  It also has a pancake batter flavor to it as well, making it taste just like blueberry pancakes. But not only that, imagine that they’re topped with whipped cream and some great, homemade syrup. Sounds tasty, right? Well, you can get that and so much more with this premium vape juice.

If you love pancakes, and you love blueberries and are looking for something on the sweeter end, then look no further. This is the perfect vape juice product for you, and once you get a taste of this, you’ll not only want some blueberry pancakes, but you’ll also want to indulge in the taste of these even more.