Blueberry Mint

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A cool refreshing taste of blueberry with a hint of mint


If you’re a fan of blueberries, and the refreshing and fun taste of mint, then you’re in luck. This is quite a fun and refreshing flavor, and it tastes just like blueberries.  It’s quite nice, and you’ll notice that it definitely does have a sweet and flavorful flavor to it.

It does actually taste just like blueberries. You can indulge in the sweet flavor of this when you get a taste of it. But it’s not just that, you’re also getting the cool taste of mint as well, one that will stimulate your senses and get your excited. If you’re a fan of blueberry, and mint, then it’s definitely worth looking into with this vape flavor, and you’ll be amazed at the refreshing and fun taste of this, and what you’ll get from this as well. This is a great addition to your vape collection, and it’s a refreshing and sweet flavor you’ll enjoy.