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Sweet grapes with a twist of menthol freshness.

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.


This vape liquid tastes like grape soda, which is something that many of us do enjoy. If you want a sweet flavor, but also without the extra hindrances that soda does offer, this is the perfect liquid for you.

With this flavor, you get a lush combination of both grapes, and mint. However, the mint is very subtle, not to the point of pungent, but enough to provide an interesting and very lush flavor. If you don’t want too much mint, since that can be overwhelming, this is certainly the vape juice for you.

It’s a nice candy vape liquid, and once you taste the freshness of it, you’ll definitely want more. It’s amazing how great this tastes, and with the grape flavor added, it is a nice, sweet vape liquid that feels amazing and almost melts in your mouth.

The grape flavor in this is made with the highest-quality taste, meaning that once you do taste this, it almost is like the real thing. It’s so amazing what it can do for you, and you’ll want more of this once you get a taste of it. with the grape flavor that you get from this, and with the way the flavor is made, the perfect blend of both of these, you’ll love it as you use it, and it does have a lush flavor that you will definitely enjoy each time.