SIN Roll - (previously called Cinnamon Roll)

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Warm doughy cinnamon baked into a savoury dessert roll.

This product has a 60% VG and 40% PG ratio.


cinnamon rolls are such a succulent, amazing treat that everyone tends to know and enjoy. The warm flavor of them coming right out of the oven, the doughy texture, and the cinnamon integrated into it makes this a popular dessert roll that all of us tend to love.

This vape juice captures that lovely flavor, and it tastes just like you’re having a cinnamon roll yourself. With a rich, succulent flavor and a smooth texture, it’s no wonder people enjoy the warm texture of this great flavor.

With this cinnamon roll flavor, you’ll get the great and doughy flavor that you will definitely enjoy. Each time you get a taste of it, it’ll be a high-quality flavor that you won’t get tired of.  Cinnamon rolls are an amazing and delectable treat, and you can get the great taste of them in this popular cinnamon roll flavored vape juice for your vape.