Creme Brulee

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Classic vanilla cream custard heated up with a crispy and caramelized topping

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

Crème brulee is a yummy, gooey dessert that practically melts in your mouth the moment you get a taste of it.  This luscious vape flavor involves this, and it is a refreshing and sweet taste that you will enjoy.

The vanilla cream custard tastes just like the dessert itself, creating a refreshing and indulging flavor. But not only that, it also has the crispiness that the topping has as well, and not only that, with the extra touch of caramel that’s popular for the topping, this vape juice creates an amazing and succulent flavor that you will enjoy, and one that tastes heavenly in many cases.

It’s a dessert vape that allows you to have the taste of this popular custard that many of us enjoy. You can enjoy this great and succulent dessert flavor that tastes jut like the real thing right from the comfort of your vape, that’s for sure.