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Cool and refreshing breath with a spearmint and bubblegum taste with menthol

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

For those of us who love the refreshing and sweet taste of bubblegum, combined with mint, this one is for you. it’s the perfect mixture of this, giving you a nice and sweet bubblegum taste, but also a refreshing feeling that mint does give to you as well. it’s got menthol in it, which is what gives you the minty taste, and once you get a hint of it, you’ll want even more. It has a nice and cool texture to it, and it is quite interesting once you get a little bit of it. The cool nature of it does add to this refreshing and interesting vape juice, and it’s something that you’ll surely enjoy.

For those of us that love mint, or love minty things, but also the taste of bubblegum, this one is perfect, and it has a combination that you will love to have more of.