Delta Nic Salts

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Cool and refreshing breath with a spearmint and bubblegum taste with menthol

12 mg has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.
All other strengths are 65% VG 35% PG ratio.

Do you like a minty flavor, but also one that has a bubblegum texture to it? This popular vape liquid now comes with a nic salts version, giving you more nicotine, and a much deeper taste.

It’s got a hint of menthol in it, which makes it a refreshing, minty mixture that you’ll enjoy. It’s quite pungent, but it also tastes pretty great, and if you’re someone who loves mint, this is definitely the one for you. It also has a bubblegum flavor to it though, which does mix well with the menthol, and it in a sense tastes like you’re chewing a minty gum, and it is quite refreshing and sweet.

This vape juice is made with premium ingredients, but also contains a higher nicotine content due to the nic salts, which can be quite tantalizing and fun to taste. It’s a premium bubblegum flavor that you’re enjoy, that’s for sure.