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Punchy grape bubblegum

This product has a 80% VG and 20% PG ratio.

Do you want a flavor that tastes like a dream? Well you’re in luck, for this premium juice flavor will give you that punchy, dreamlike flavor that you will enjoy. It’s got a grape flavor to it that is both penetrating, and quite savory, so you’ll feel like you’re actually tasting grapes, but it’s also got a bubblegum flavor melded into it as well, giving it the perfect combination that’s both great to taste, but also quite mesmerizing.

This intoxicating and interesting liquid is quite sweet and succulent, and you’ll realize when you do get a taste of this that you’ll never want to stop. It almost is like you have grape bubblegum in your mouth, but the best part is, the flavor doesn’t go away, unlike regular grape bubblegum where if you do chew it too much, it will.

This fun bubblegum flavor is perfectly packaged together in this fun vape liquid.