Dream Mix Nix

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Punchy grape bubblegum

Mix Nix has a unique blend of Nicotine Select (R) and Nicotine Salts (NS).  

This product has a 70% VG and 30% PG ratio.

For those of us who want a mixture of both nicotine select and nicotine salts, you’re in for a treat.  Not only that, you get this combination, but with a bubblegum flavor to it that you will enjoy. It’s a unique, savory blend that practically melts in your mouth, and not only will you get the nicotine content that you want, you’ll also get the flavor, which is a grape bubblegum one.

It tastes just like you’re chewing some grape bubblegum, but the flavor doesn’t go out. Since it’s made with premium ingredients, you feel like you are having some grape bubblegum as you eat it. it is a bit punchy due to the texture of it, but the flavor is quite wild, and it will send your taste buds into a tizzy. It’s a fun, and a succulent flavor that you won’t get enough of, and if you want a great candy liquid vape flavor, then you’re in for a treat with this.