Dream Nic Salts

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Punchy grape bubblegum

12 mg has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.
All other strengths are 65% VG 35% PG ratio.

This flavor is a dream, and not just because of the lush bubblegum flavor that goes along with it.  With this vape juice, you’ll get a nice and punchy bubblegum flavor that practically melts in your mouth, and since it is made with premium ingredients, it’s quite mesmerizing, and a flavor that you’ll definitely want to enjoy again and again.  The grape in this actually tastes like grapes, and it’s quite an interesting and intriguing sort of feeling.

Not only that though, this warm, luscious vape juice comes with the taste of nic salts, which is a more powerful nicotine that you can get for your vape. But, it doesn’t sacrifice the quality of this either, for you’re still getting the rich, succulent taste of this bubblegum flavor as you start to have a taste of it, and it’ll give you the nicotine that you want, and a flavor that you will enjoy.