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Fragrant french vanilla swirled into a creamy custard

This product has a 80% VG and 20% PG ratio.

For many, this flavor is a driving force, and one that will give you energy. It’s got a French vanilla taste to it, one that isn’t too strong, but definitely is quite luscious and flavorful. When you taste it, it’ll actually taste like French vanilla, and it’s quite an interesting and luscious flavor.  You also get a custard taste to it too, since this French vanilla flavor is incorporated into a creamy custard mix.  It’s a taste that is stimulating to the senses, and one that you will enjoy.

With this flavor, it feels like your drive is coming back, and it’s a premium flavor that many enjoy.  You can indulge in the great and succulent vanilla taste that it provides, and with this premium vape flavor, you’ll be able to truly immerse yourself not just in this taste, but also in a lush manner that will allow you to truly enjoy the way that it tastes in your mouth.