Verve - (previously called Energy Drink)

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Energizing sweet flavours of your favourite carbonated energy drink. This flavour is bold and lights up the senses. You've been warned.


Are you a fan of energy drinks? Well, now you can get that refreshing buzz that you’re familiar with in your energy drinks in this popular vape juice. This vape juice liquid has a sweet flavor to it, but also a bubbly texture, just like how an energy drink might taste. While it may not be chock full of caffeine and other substances like actual energy drinks, this contains a warm, rich flavor that you’ll be able to indulge in and enjoy, and one that does light up your senses.

It’s the perfect means to get your energy drink craving completely filled, and if you’re trying to quit having a bunch of energy drinks,  but you still want the rich, flavorful taste, this is the perfect one for you. It will light up the senses and bring a bold flavor that you’ll be able to truly indulge in no matter what.