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A blend of fresh lychee and sweet strawberry sure to make you fall head over heels

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

If you like a mesmerizing, bold flavor that practically melts in your mouth and makes you fall head over heels, then this is the one for you. it’s a sweet vape flavor that tastes like lychee and strawberry for the most part, giving you a unique and bold flavor that you will enjoy.

With this flavor, it’s made of the highest quality ingredients, so when you taste the lychee, it tastes like lychee, and the same goes for the strawberry as well, giving you a bold and rushing flavor that you will enjoy, and one that you will definitely want more of.

It’s quite a stimulating and interesting flavor, and you certainly will want to indulge in the flavors that you get from this. You’ll fall head over heels for this sweet flavor, and this luscious combination is one that you’ll want again and again, and one that you won’t get tired of.