Espresso Latte

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The smell of morning and freshly ground beans. Espresso latte is your go to breakfast vape.

This product has a 60% VG and 40% PG ratio

Many of us enjoy a nice warm cup of espresso in the morning. Well, now you can get that flavorful feeling in your vape juice as well, with this savory and delectable liquid that you will enjoy.  It smells just like espresso beans that have been grounded, and it contains flavors that taste just like the popular coffee that you enjoy.  

While it may not have the caffeine levels that traditional espresso does, this savory and delectable vape juice gives you a rush of energy, and it’s the perfect thing to have first thing in the morning whenever you’re craving something that will give you a rush, but tastes amazing.

With this vape juice, you can get the breakfast jolt that you want to have, and one that you will need. If you love the smell of breakfast, you can indulge in this with this luscious breakfast vape to try out.