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Creamy and crunchy blend of creme brulee, stirred in with a nutty pistachio biscotti

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.


Do you like succulent European treat such as crème brulee and biscottis? Well, this mouth-watering vape juice will provide this, and so much more. It has the perfect mixture of creaminess, and crunchiness, since it’s got the flavors of both of these very popular European desserts.  The crème brulee is savory to tsate, and it’s got a decadent caramel flavor that’s both crunchy and creamy.

The biscotti is pistachio flavored, and when you get a taste of it, you’ll feel like you’re really munching on a biscotti that is pistachio flavored. All of the flavors within this are of the highest quality, and this amazing and succulent taste is something that you will certainly enjoy, and something that you will like.

Get a taste of Europe with this amazing flavorful combination, and you’ll feel like you’re really there whenever you get a chance to have this, and you’ll feel refreshed and amazed as you have this.