Gold Mix Nix

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A homemade original, Banana Cream Pie drizzled with toffee, lightly dusted with pecans and topped with a smooth whip cream 

Mix Nix has a unique blend of Nicotine Select (R) and Nicotine Salts (NS).  

This product has a 70% VG and 30% PG ratio

If you like the taste of a warm, banana cream pie, but also want something that’s a bit stronger than your traditional vape liquid, this is the perfect vape juice for you. This juice tastes like a homemade banana cream pie, and when you get a taste of it, it actually tastes like one. But not only that, it’s got the warm drizzle of toffee on top of it, so you’re getting a banana cream pie along with toffee, and it even comes with a nutty pecan taste, and a dash of some whipped cream, making it smooth and succulent.  It is a mixture of both regular nicotine, and also nicotine salts as well, creating a combination that you will enjoy, and also a combination that doesn’t compromise the flavor that you get from this, allowing you to indulge and love this in ways you never expected to do so before.