Golden Butterscotch Candy

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A sweet and classic flavor with rich layers of caramel

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

Butterscotch candy is something that many of us like to have a taste of. It’s a warm, classic flavor that many of us will enjoy, and it’s got the right kind of sweetness that you will love.  It’s got a buttery texture, but also a sweet one that will melt in your mouth and indulge your senses.

But, not only that, you also get the rich layers of caramel as well. this buttery flavor has a caramel drizzle on it, creating a sweet and succulent feeling to it.  Once you get a taste of this classic flavor, you’ll feel as if you’re eating some butterscotch candy right then and there, and this premium vape juice flavor will melt in your mouth, and stimulate your senses.

It’s a classic, indulging flavor that you will love, and you’ll feel like you’re eating real butterscotch candy as you taste this warm and luscious flavor.