Grape Grapefruit

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A jumble of fresh grapes, bursting with flavor cut through by a tart grapefruit

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.


Do you love the taste of grapes? Do you also love grapefruit? This fruity and luscious vape juice is the perfect combination of both of these things.

The juice itself has a lush, grape flavor and if you taste it, it’s literally just like fresh grapes due to the premium liquid that’s in it. This flavor as well though isn’t just lush and fresh grapes, it’s also the tart taste of grapefruit too, which might be a bit pungent, but it’s also quite fun and tantalizing.  It is quite luscious, and definitely a fun grape mixture, and it’s one that is both bursting, but also has the cut taste of grapefruit. 

With this, you’ll feel like you’ve got the bursting taste of grapes right in your hand, and the luscious flavor of grapefruit, and you’ll definitely enjoy this if you love grapes, but you’re also a big fan of grapefruit as well.  

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