Heavy Metal Ice

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Honeydew brew with a cool hit

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

Do you like the warm, lush taste of honey, but also the cool texture of it? You’re in luck with this warm, fresh flavor that you’ll get to indulge in.

Honeydew is a nice and fruity flavor, with a hint of honey in it. This creates a fruity texture, but it also has a cool taste to it as well, bringing you a refreshing, intoxicating flavor that you’ll be able to enjoy.

This is a premium vape flavor that tastes very powerful, but not so overwhelming that you won’t like it. in fact, it’s a super popular flavor, and it combines two very interesting tastes to it in order to create a luscious and fun touch.

It’s a fun and interesting flavor, and it’s good for those who like to have this mixture, since it’s put nicely together into a vape liquid that will hit you with a burst of refreshing energy.