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A rich and silky raspberry cream yogurt so smooth you'll feel like you're floating

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

This is a great flavor that tastes almost like you’re floating on air the moment you get a little touch of it.  it tastes in many cases like a yogurt, but the texture of it isn’t like your typical thick yogurt, but it’s more of a sweet and creamy yogurt with a lush raspberry flavor added to it.

Many say this taste is very silky in a sense, because it isn’t very strong, but instead it’s the perfect, subtle taste that you’ll be able to enjoy. It’s a vape flavor that in essence makes you feel in a sense like you’re floating on air, and it’s a lush one that gives you the tastes that you know and enjoy, and one that you’ll definitely want to indulge in as well.

The smooth, creamy, and fruity flavors of this are something that you’ll definitely like, and it’s a great flavor for those who love raspberry yogurt.