H.BEE Tobacco - (previously Honey Tobacco)

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The rich taste of tobacco, mixed with a drop of honey for a sweet blend of flavor

This product has a 50% VG and 50% PG ratio.

Do you like the warm flavor of honey, which is often something sweet that many enjoy? Do you also like the flavor of tobacco? Well, you can now get both of these with this premium flavored vape juice.

The tobacco taste is rich, but it’s also not so much that it’s overpowering. But, if you’re coming from tobacco products to vaping, this is a great flavor since it does contain the rich taste of tobacco that you know and love.  It’s quite mesmerizing, and it’s one that is a great flavor to stimulate your senses. But not only that, a flavor of honey is added to this, in order to get a sweet flavor that you will enjoy. It’s a fun, flavorful and sweet mixture that is perfect for those who are tobacco users, but also like the flavor of honey as well in their vape liquid to create a sweet combination.