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Sweet and sour mix of fresh fruits packed into a tropical smoothie

This product has a 80% VG and 20% PG ratio.

This flavor isn’t just an honor to have, it’s an honor to take in. it’s a powerful and fun vape juice made with a bonanza of fresh fruits that are mixed together to create a soft, fruity texture to it.

With this, you’ll get to taste the fun flavorful fruits that make it fruity, but it also comes with a sour taste as well, giving it that extra jolt. If you’re a fan of sweet fruits, but you also like the flavor of something sour to sizzle your taste buds, this is a fun vape flavor that you’ll be able to surely enjoy.

When you do get a taste of it, you’ll realize that it’s almost like a smoothie in a sense, and it gives you a powerful, enhanced flavor that you’ll surely enjoy. With just a taste of this, you’ll want more, and you’ll get to indulge in the flavorful mixtures that this liquid has.