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Rich ice cream infused with an intense and layered cappuccino, one of the best tea/coffee drinks at the 2016 Vapouround Awards

This product has a 80% VG and 20% PG ratio.

With this vape juice, you’ll feel like you can hustle and take on the world with the zing that it gives you. This vape juice has a rich ice cream flavor to it, with a layered cappuccino added to it, and it tastes just like a premium coffee. For those who are coffee addicts, or just love the thrilling taste of coffee, this one is for you.

In fact, it’s an award-winning flavor. Lots of people love this flavor, in fact it was one of the best coffee and tea drink flavors at the Vapouround awards.  It’s a premium flavor, and it tastes just like you’re having a nice, rich cappuccino that is iced.

If you love something with a sweet and cool texture, and want to have a nice flavor that refreshes your senses, then look no further, for this flavor will stimulate your senses and get you excited to use your vape.