King Of The South

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A fresh mix of fruity nectars blended into a juicy punch

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

For those who like a punching flavor that is juicy and tastes stimulating, this one is for you. It’s made with a combination  of various nectars, which are nice and stimulate your senses in all of the right ways. It’s blended as well into a juicy and succulent punch flavor, which is both sweet, and succulent. It’s quite a tangy and interesting combination, and you’ll learn from this why it’s king too.

This juice is made with premium flavors that will taste super nice, but not overpowering like in other ways. It’s got a fresh, succulent taste that you will enjoy, and when you use this vape juice, you’ll realize as well why this is a kinglike flavor.  It’s quite mesmerizing, and a great and stimulating flavor that will give you that jolt that you want, and truly wake you up. You can find out why this is king right away.