Lime Sour

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The taste of a freshly squeezed lime, with a tangy kick

If you like the taste of limes, which are already pretty sour, but you want that extra kick to it, then look no further. This premium vape liquid tastes just like a lime itself, freshly squeezed and quite appetizing to the taste. But not only that, it’s quite sour as well, and you’ll be immersed in this fun, sour flavor, and the tangy kick I something that you’ll definitely enjoy.

With this, you’ll be able to have the bursting and fun lime flavors, but also a tangy and fun kick to it, and something that you’ll definitely enjoy and like as well. It is pretty sour, but it does provide a fun and very tasty all day vape, so if you want to have a tangy and fun flavor right there with you, you can have this in this premium vape flavor. It’s quite fun, and very stimulating, so you’ll definitely get to experience the fun and flavorful combination that is lime and sour.