London Fog

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Comforting blend of classic vanilla and hazelnut, mixed into an earl grey custard

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

This is a very interesting and very stimulating flavor, because it combines both the sweet taste of the ingredients, but also an interesting and bold flavor as well.

The flavor is comforting, as you’ll soon learn once you get a taste of the vanilla and hazelnut, which gives you a sweet and succulent flavor that you will enjoy. But, while this is a comforting blend, it also has a bold flavor to it as well, which in turn creates something that is both rich and stimulating, but also comforting as well.

Some say it’s almost like a hazy mixture, but it definitely is a flavor that’s comforting and nice.  You’ll be amazed at how rich this flavor is, and since it is made with the highest of ingredients, it’s one of the premium flavors that will wake you up, stimulate your senses, and you’ll be able to thoroughly enjoy it as well.