Lazy Sundae - (previously called Lychee Sundae)

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Fresh lychee piled on top of vanilla ice cream and topped with a sweet whipped cream

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

If you love lychee, you’ll love this.  this is a premium lychee flavor, and it’s also mixed with vanilla ice cream, and sweet whipped cream. It’s got a fun, fruity texture and taste to it, but it’s also got a sweet texture to it too, so you’re getting something both fruity, and fun as well.

This is made with real, premium ingredients that work well together, and with the bold taste of lychee, you’ll be able to truly enjoy the sweet flavor of this.  it’s something that creates a bold rush of flavor, but also a flavor that you’ll be able to enjoy too.

If you like lychee, and you like sweet things, then look no further, for this premium juice flavor will give you all the lychee flavoring that you need, and provide for you the bold and fun flavors that you’re looking for in your vape juice as well.