Mango Madness

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A heaping mix of mango blended with guava and tropical fruits for a sweet and tangy taste

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

Do you like the taste of mango? Do you want to have the refreshing flavor of mango everywhere you go? Well now you can, with this amazing flavor.

Mango is the dominant flavor in all of this, and it’s quite a heaping one. It’s strong, but not too much, and in fact, you’re getting just the right amount of mango in it. but, it’s not all about the mango, even though it’s the major part of this. in fact, you’re getting some guava as well, along with some other tropical fruits that you can try, in order to create a vape juice that’s both sweet, and yet very tangy as well. it’s quite stimulating to the senses, and if you’re a fan of mangos, and sweet things period, this is definitely the vape juice for you. It’s also made with the highest quality ingredients, so you’ll be getting a burst of mango when you taste it, and something that you will truly enjoy.