M & H (previously called Milk & Honey)

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The creamy taste of milk, stirred in with honey for the soothing taste you've been looking for

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

Milk and honey is a smoothing and refreshing flavor that many of us like. It is a calming flavor, and one that’s both familiar, and also one that’s quite familiar. Well, you can now get those same flavors in your vape liquid.

It has the perfect combination of the creaminess of milk that many who use this look for, but also the mixture of honey added to this in order to create a taste that’s both soothing, and quite relaxing.

If you want something that’s a bit different from the typical fruity vape flavors, then look no further. People love the creamy combination that this has, and you’ll notice that it’s a fun flavor that people will enjoy, and one that is quite relaxing. It isn’t too much, but rather it’s a flavor that you’ll definitely want again and again, and one that you’ll be able to truly like, and one that’s perfect for you.