Mixed Mint Extreme

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The absolutely most chilling menthol available. Flavourful mint and menthol across the spectrum.

This product has a 60% VG and 40% PG ratio

This is quite a flavorful menthol, but it is quite strong as well, so as a word of caution, it might be a bit much. But, it’s a chilling and very stimulating flavor, mixed with mint as well. It may be an intense one, but it’s one that is refreshing for those that enjoy mint.

It’s quite an indulging and fun flavor, and for those who love mint, this one is for you. It has the perfect minty taste that you will definitely enjoy, and compared to other menthol flavors, it’s certainly the strongest.

For the mint lovers out there, or for those who just love the soothing and refreshing taste of menthol, this one is for you, for it’s a flavor that you will enjoy, and while it might be extreme, for those who like mint, it’s the perfect flavor for you to indulge in, and one to stimulate your senses.