Nectarine Tangerine Cream

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A creamy tart tangerine infused with a sweet nectarine topped with cream

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

Are you a fan of tangerines? Do you like a tangy, creamy taste as well? you’re in luck, for this creamy tangerine flavor is one that’s quite stimulating to the taste buds, but also quite fun as well. it’s a tart tangerine mixture but it’s also infused with nectarines as well, and it’s got a creamy topping to it too for good measure. This is a fun flavor that you’ll be able to enjoy, and one that has the same combination of fruity and tarty flavors that you’ll enjoy.

This is made with real, premium ingredients, meaning that when you get a taste of this, you’ll definitely want more. It’s quite fun, and a stimulating flavor as well, and you’ll be able to enjoy this as you get a taste of it too. It’s one that you’ll get to enjoy, and a fruity vape flavor that you will love as well.