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Scoops of mango and strawberry swirled into a smooth ice cream

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

If you like mango and strawberry ice cream, this is a great one for you. This combination of flavors gives you a sweet and fruity taste that you will enjoy, and it almost tastes like you’ve having a smooth ice cream with both of these on top. The flavors are strong, but not too much, so you’re not getting overwhelmed by either of these.

With this premium juice flavor, you’ll be able to enjoy the rich texture of both of these, and the smoothness of an ice cream flavor, giving you the luscious and fun flavors that you enjoy. It almost tastes like you’re having it right then and there as you inhale it, and the warm, fruity flavors are certainly the perfect kind.

If you like fruity things, this is a great one for you, and you’ll definitely want to indulge in this in this vape flavor as well.