Orange Yummy Beans - (previously called Orange Jelly Bean)

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 Juicy Oranges Surrounded With Handfuls Of Jelly & Candy, For A Refreshing Experience

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

If you’re a fan of orange, or simply love orange jelly beans, then this sweet treat is perfect for you. It’s got a warm, lush  flavor to it, and the orange is quite juicy and fun to taste.  The orange tastes like real oranges, but it’s also got the jelly and candy undertones that the popular candy has to offer as well. it’s quite stimulating to the senses, and it’s a fun one to enjoy.

It feels like you’re really biting into a jellybean every time you inhale this. it’s quite nice, and it’s something that you’ll definitely want to indulge in more, and something that is fun for your taste buds. You’ll certainly love it, and you’ll be able to truly get the feeling of bursting flavors wit this. If you’re ready for a fun, succulent orange flavor, this is for you, for it will give you this, and so much more, every time you get a taste of it.