Peach Jelly Bean

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The Juicy Flavor Of Hand Picked Peaches Blended Into The Hallmark Of All Candy

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

Do you like jellybeans? These sticky candies are often quite fun to have, and are such a sweet treat that you can’t have just one. Well, now you can have this juicy and succulent flavor blended into your premium vape liquid, and you’ll be able to enjoy the raw, tasty nature of this with each passing moment.

It’s got a juicy flavor and taste, and it tastes just like hand-picked peaches in a sense, and it’s blended into a warm, jellybean flavor that you will enjoy. It is said that jellybeans are a super popular flavor, and now, you can take the flavor of jellybeans with you on the go with this amazing vape juice. It’s quite fun, and definitely worth trying out, and it’s something that you’ll love whenever you use your vape.  Take the warm, tasty flavor of jellybeans with you with this premium flavor, and you’ll love every moment of it.