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A sweet and creamy blueberry yogurt, it's almost divine

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

Do you want a godlike blueberry flavor, blended into a creamy yogurt taste? Well, this yogurt flavor is ready to stimulate your senses, and you can put this in your vape to get the warm taste of yogurt, and the rush that it provides.

This flavor tastes like a blueberry yogurt, and when you do get a taste of it, you’ll notice that it’s both smooth, and very succulent.  You’ll be amazed at the divine nature of this, and what it can do for you. it’s so smooth, so tasty, that you will want more of this once you continue to use it. it’s a premium vape flavor that you will enjoy, and it’s got a yogurt flavor that will practically melt in your mouth, and give your taste buds the party that you want.

This divine flavor tastes godlike, and you can get it yourself in this vape liquid.