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Sweet strawberry poured in an afternoon martini, winner of best Drink/Cocktail at Vapouround Awards 2016

This product has a 80% VG and 20% PG ratio.

With this flavor, you’ll feel like you have the power.  It’s actually very similar to an afternoon martini flavor that you might have while you’re sitting around at the beach, or perhaps waiting for someone at the bar.  It’s got the perfect strawberry flavor to it, giving it a sweet and succulent flavor. Since it is a premium flavor, it will almost taste like you’re sipping on a martini every time you use it, without the alcohol of course, but it’s still a fun flavor.

This flavor is so good, that it’s actually award-winning. Not only will you feel power when you use it, but you’ll be able to savor in this award-winning flavor, since it actually is the winner of the best drink/cocktail flavor at the Vapouround awards in 2016. It’s a delicious flavor, and if you’re a fan of cocktails, this is the perfect vape flavor for you to indulge in.