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Get wrapped up in the perfectly built structure of our Strawberry Roly Poly flavour

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

This is a beautifully structured vape flavor that’s got a burst of strawberry flavor to it, and it’s quite mesmerizing. This flavor is built up, and it’s got many different layers to it as well, giving it a rush of great and amazing flavors to it as well.

If you love strawberries, including the luscious taste of them in different ways, this is definitely the option for you. it’s a great flavor for those who want something with a blast of fruit as well, and with the texture and taste of it, it’s quite amazing, and you’ll be sucked into the built up of various flavors that you will get to enjoy.

Let the flavors wrap you up and completely sink you in, and you’ll be able to get the many different layers of flavors from this, and it’s something that will surely engage you and give you the vape flavors that you so definitely want from your vape as well.