Rainbow Sour

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Your childhood favourites. The famous taste of rainbow candies with a smooth & subtle, sour twist.

Are you a fan of rainbow candies, with all the different flavors that you can get from it? were they a favorite of yours from your childhood? Or maybe you like to have a smooth and subtle sour flavor to them as well? if that’s your thing, then this flavor is perfect for you.

It’s got the fun and unique blend of rainbow candies that you know and love, and one that practically melts in your mouth as you get a taste of it. But it also has a sour flavor to it as well, one that will make you enjoy the taste, but not one that will make you pucker your lips in disdain. In fact, you’ll definitely love this, and if you’re a fan of sour and sweet candy treats, and like to indulge in them, then this is the perfect vape flavor for you to enjoy as well.