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A perfect rhythm of peaches and cream mixed into oatmeal

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

If you want a flavor that has a subtle and perfect rhythm to it, then this one is for you. this contains a mixture of both peaches and cream, a rhythmic flavor that will allow you to indulge in it completely. The peaches and cream are perfectly mixed and blended, giving you a light and fun little flavor for you to enjoy. You’ll notice that the peaches and the cream are both made with premium flavors, which in turn will certainly stimulate your senses and make you feel excitement as well. It’s a warm mix, and certainly one that you will enjoy.

Plus  it’s mixed into an oatmeal flavor as well, so not only are you getting peaches and cream, but you’re also getting a lush oatmeal. It’s an interesting flavor that gives off a fun rhythm that you’ll be able to enjoy, and one that you’ll definitely want to have again and again to truly indulge in the flavor.