R.B. Float - (previously called Rootbeer Float)

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Refreshing root beer soda, loaded with the best French vanilla ice cream you could find

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

For those that love the taste of classic root beer floats, this is the perfect mixture for you. This tastes just like a refreshing and fun root beer soda, and it’s made with premium vanilla ice cream that you’ll be amazed to taste.

It’s made with the highest quality ingredients, meaning that you’re getting the real, refreshing taste of root beer when you have this, and you’ll want more once you get a taste of it. It’s also got the nice and engaging taste of French vanilla ice cream, one that’s so sweet it will practically melt in your mouth, and it tastes like the best vanilla ice cream you can have.

If you love root beer floats, and you love the taste of it, and you certainly will enjoy the flavor of it, then this is for you. It’s both sweet, and refreshing, and a flavor that you’ll definitely enjoy.