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Refreshing and creamy Mango Lassi, the perfect blend of fruit and yogurt

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

If you’re a fan of mango lassi, then you’ll enjoy this fun vape juice flavor. It’s got the refreshing and creamy mango lassi tastes, and it tastes just like you’re sipping on one, which makes it a great, premium flavor for you to enjoy.

It’s the perfect blend of fruit and yogurt. The rush of mango, and the sweet flavors that are mixed together to get a rush of flavor that you will enjoy. It’s got the fruitiness, and the creaminess, that you will definitely want more of, and it’s the perfect mixture of both fruit, and of yogurt, and you’ll definitely enjoy it.

For those that love mangos, or just like to have a mango lassi right in your hands, this is the perfect premium vape juice that you can enjoy, and you too will want to have more of this flavor each time that you use it and it will create a rush of great results.