Sailing Stones

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Feel like you’re floating with the sweet taste of Tiger Flakes, mixed with creamy Milk and Bananas

This product has a 75% VG and 25% PG ratio.

if you like milk, bananas, and the taste of tiger flakes, this fun, premium flavor is perfect for you. This will make you feel like you’re floating, or at least enjoying the frothy taste of milk and bananas. It’s quite refreshing, and a premium flavor that you will definitely enjoy.

The tiger flakes taste just like the real thing,  and you’ll definitely enjoy the rush of flavor that this comes with. But, it also has milk and bananas along with it, which in turn will create a fruity and frothy mixture. If you like the sweet taste of bananas, mixed with the creaminess of milk, all of it perfectly melded into a nice mixture, then this combination will rock your taste buds and completely stimulate your senses, and it will provide you with the rush of flavor that you’ll get to enjoy, and the taste of bananas and tiger flakes that you want.